Price List

We do our best to keep prices competitive.  If we are higher than a competitor, let us know and we'll see if we can match their pricing.  The below table will give you an idea of our current pricing.  However, we like to evaluate your lawn before making any final pricing arrangements.  Also, these prices are for regularly maintained lawns.  We'll probably have to ask for a higher price if the lawn is allowed to get tall.

 Entire Property Size Expected
 (Including non-turf areas)  Cost to Mow, Trim, & Edge

Small Properties
   up to 8,000 square feet $35
  each additional 1,000 square feet +$1.00

Large Properties
1-2 Acres $50-60 per Acre

Rough, Field Mowing $60 per man-hour (2 hour minimum)

 On-Call Mowing or One-Time Jobs $37.50 per man-hour
 Neighbor Discount 5 to 20%

* Initial Stick Edging is performed at our hourly rate of $37.50 per man-hour, and we can provide you an estimate.  If you have us perform stick edging regularly (such as once a month), we can give you a set price.

* The trimming (weed eating) only service is normally our minimum charge of $35.   We do have arrangements with some customers, where we trim their lawn for less, whenever we mow their neighbors lawn.  The reduced pricing is because we are already at the location, and no travel is required. 

* The Neighbor Discount is for properties located close to one another, that have their lawns mowed on the same day. The properties must be close enough that they can be conveniently serviced with one stop of the truck and trailer. For 2 properties, the discount is 10% each. For 3 properties, the discount is 15% each. For 4 or more properties, the discount is 20% each.

* $35 is always our minimum charge for traveling to a property and performing any work.

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Monthly Billing:

We send out invoices once a month. They go out at the beginning of the month, for all of the work completed the previous month. All of the work that was completed, as well as the date it was completed, and price for each service, are detailed on your monthly invoice. We ask that you pay the invoice upon receipt, we offer discounts to customers that are enrolled in autopay